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Mc Queen 1


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  • Mc Queen 1

    Mc Queen 1
    Mc Queen 1
    Mc Queen 1
    Mc Queen 1
    Mc Queen 1
    Mc Queen 1
    Mc Queen 1

    Mc Queen 1

    Good product ★★★★☆Review by Villana

    Very goog ★★★★☆Review by Marine

    very good looking and extreamly comfortable. They may look like dress shoes but they are great for running and basketball too. ★★★★☆Review by Manfred

    I have purchased 3 pairs of Jordan Eclipse- this pair was the only pair that were a bit snug... maybe they will stretch? I bought them because of the really comfortable fit of the previous 2 pair... so a little disappointed because they a good looking shoes. ★★★★☆Review by Timeothee

    One shoe fits a little tight while the other fits right ★★★★☆Review by laeti

    loving it !!!... nice package came on time ★★★★☆Review by bukk

    Great shoes very pleased with them. Thank you!! ★★★★☆Review by ML

    I love it ★★★★☆Review by VERT

    Were too small ★★★★☆Review by jack

    Thanks very good product recommended 100% ★★★★☆Review by lacordelle

    Great shoe ★★★★☆Review by Curlygirl

    Super as expected thank u ★★★★☆Review by ADOUM

    Great shoe, my son loved them and he said "i look fresh in them" and it fits perfectly, i highly recommend this product for kids looking for a comfortable, great perfomance, good looking pair of basketball shoes. ★★★★☆Review by Cyrus

    Bought these for my boyfriend because every man needs a good pair of Jordans. He is obsessed! They fit great, they look great and he only wears them on special occasions, definitely not for every day gym use per his liking. ★★★★☆Review by molta86

    Everything was good,, arrived on time,, shoes are great and fit well! ★★★★☆Review by Winegyal

    Great sneakers - comfortable and look the business - great for the price - I'm going to get the other colours! ★★★★☆Review by Chloé

    delivered in time and my daughter was super happy! ★★★★☆Review by Cyril25

    They're heavy duty, love the style and colors, but they are a little tight on my toes and make them go numb! ★★★★☆Review by GOLFINGER

    The best ! ★★★★☆Review by Dale

    Great price ★★★★☆Review by Achet

    My son loves it, it fits and am happy. He wears size 3 but i bought a size 4 for safety and it was a good buy. ★★★★☆Review by Leondelyon

    Very good shoes ★★★★☆Review by BAZIN


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