Air Jordan 4 “Cavs” Sneaker Cake

Many Air Jordan color is inspired by Michael Jordan countless success on the pitch. Air Jordan 4 Cavs were made Cleveland Cavaliers Craig Ehlo head very enlightening basket impressive game-winning Jordan, and his 1989 NBA playoffs. It is mainly black sneakers, and a color game Royal and safety orange.

While most of you have not heard before Cleveland Cavaliers player Craig Ehlo, he is putting together Jordan Brand Air Jordan 4 of this color so tomorrow, when you walk in or Foot Locker any other reason you picked up right, bow your head and his ego silent for a moment. Of course, he can not be happy, he was immortalized in a pair of sneakers.

Queens native, Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent, was invited yesterday to throw the first pitch ceremony at Citi Field. Jackson did it for him to wear fashion, "Knight" Air Jordan 4 compliment the "Home" New York Mets jersey.

Air Jordan IV (4) Retro Cavs

The Air Jordan 4 "Knight" sold out quickly this weekend, but that does not mean you can not make them taste. In Atlanta, Georgia has made new daily cake sights, sneakers characteristics cake is my favorite dessert, one of a combination of red velvet and cream cheese filling. As you can see, the model set all colors from black current release of the Air Jordan 4 orange and blue tones.

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